Glam Entryway Vignette Curated With All T.J. Maxx Finds

“You don’t go to T.J.Maxx looking for something… you have to let T.J.Maxx tell you what you’re looking for.” -random Tweeter named Reghan

I’d like to thank this random person on Twitter and Buzzfeed [named Reghan] for her articulate summation of the T.J. Maxx phenomenon. Nailed it, sister.

Things that weren’t ‘nailed’: this T.J. Maxx commercial created the year I was born. Join me in this cringe-worthy adventure. Dork chills are guaranteed. You’ve come a long way, T.J. baby.

The other night, I visited T.J. Maxx online—not looking for anything in particular—and T.J. told me what I was looking for. It presented me with a smorgasbord of sophisticated pieces that fell together in my brain. This puzzle looked a little something like what I’ve mocked up below.

Thank God you can’t see the rest of my brain. It always has a few too many tabs open.

This virtual inspo is an ode to T.J. Maxx. Your commercials may have improved over time, but your affinity for helping decor addicts like myself covet high-quality brands at minimum prices has always been at your core. Thanks for rebranding us as “maxxinistas” to make us look less insane.

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