The Origins of a Classy, Sassy, & Thrifty Eclectic Wall Shelf

But first—let me take a #shelfie.

I was never much of a wall shelf enthusiast until my husband started rubbing off of me. He’s developed an affinity for all things wood that can add a custom feel to our home—including the molding and windowsills he’s been installing all over the place. Do yourself a favor and do NOT attempt to cover up his newly acquired passion with curtains. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Once we’d hung a pair of floating shelves in our bedroom nook, I began to understood the opportunity presented before me: an eternal stage for my ever-vignette-loving heart to style with all the random finds I accumulate. Organized chaos dipped in gold, if you will.

Cut to—and these bad boys are now in four rooms in our home, including the gallery wall I’m currently working on in my office. I can already tell I’m going to love it just a little more than the others, much like my parents love me slightly more than my twin brother.

However, taking center stage today are the shelves hung above our kitchen bar cart. One of my missions behind this blog is to empower others to look beyond the belief that the perfect design aesthetic is a list of predetermined trendy items you have to spend a small fortune on.

Because interior decorating is so incredibly visual, I thought I would show—rather than tell—you more about what’s behind the curtains [that are NOT covering up the molding, I might add] of my latest styled floating shelves.

The only piece I didn’t already have was this beautifully abstract and obscure Society6 print—which is what gave me the fall-inspired color palette I was craving in our kitchen. It’s actually a poster [cheaper than their small prints] that’s been trimmed down to fit a frame I had.

Considering I made a few of the items myself, I know it’s a little quirky [with a lot going on]. That’s exactly what I love about the platform floating shelves give you—one so intricately curated that no one else is going to have one quite like you.

Sidenote: floating shelves would probably be the 16th element I’d add to my 15 Timeless + Glamorous Elements for the Redecorating Addict, but I like the number 15, so there’s that.

Now let’s take a closer look at the original home of each wall shelf item that I’m collectively calling ‘The Origins of a Sassy, Classy & Thrifty Eclectic Wall Shelf.’ Is that how SEO works?

Takeaway: don’t judge a wall shelf by its cover. You get the point.

Get to work! XO

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