3 Designs for Those Lusting Over Leopard Print

"As far as i'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."

Fashion designer Jenna Lyons said it eloquently, didn't she? 

This quote may conjure a chuckle from those adhering to the textbook definition of neutral [unmarked by strong characteristics—everything leopard is not], but let's face it. A neutral in the interior design world is an element that can complement any color or design scheme.

Enter leopard print. It's no longer a 'trend,' considering it has dominated the fashion and interior design industry for years now and only continues to spread like a fire that no one has the extinguisher to.

Where is mine, by the way? 


Leopard has become an iconic and timeless print that abounds on couch pillows, ottomans, pictures and the sports bra I wear as I type this blog post.

And you caught me on a good day. 

So how is a print that's literally marked by strong characteristics a neutral? 

As an attempt to prove this enigmatic print can set the foundation for any color palette, I've curated three different designs below to set your wild soul on fire.

These designs were meant to exude bold glamour [much like the leopard theme of my guest room reveal], but the magic of leopard is it truly can enhance any aesthetic.

Even though it's striking, when it's incorporated into styles that are bohemian, vintage, masculine, classic, rococo, traditional--you name it—it seems to fit right in, contributing texture and warmth.

This coveted print also gets along seamlessly with any other patterns. Check out my moody floral design for proof of how it complements a dominant floral print. You'd think a print demanding so much attention would clash with others, but leopard print is apparently social and diplomatic. 

The most impressive? Beyond style, leopard print also seems to transcend age, gender and personality. It anchors the room in sophistication and makes a vibrant focal point(s). Note the (s). Many would argue that too much leopard is never a good thing, but one of my marked characteristics is indulging in excess. 

Enough of my leopard lusting and on to your lust. Below are those three designs I mentioned.

The first one is bursting with leopard print, so keep scrolling if you're easily offended by it [what did leopard ever do to you though?]. The other two feature leopard print once or twice, but definitely continue the overarching leopard theme. 

Let me know in the comments just how much you're currently lusting over leopard [or if you just can't get behind this print that's seemingly infiltrated every single interior picture on Instagram].

Get to work!

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Exhibit A: gold, bold & dramatic


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Exhibit B: wild for fashion 


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Exhibit c: feminine but fierce


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