3 Design Dupes for the Pillow Obsessed

Three dupes walk into a bar.

I’ve got nothing—except possibly your attention?

A dupe, which I can only guess was coined by a fellow millennial, is short for duplicate. It's long been used in the world of makeup artistry. 

The philosophy is this: why buy a high-quality product at a high price when you can buy a replica of equal [or possibly even better] quality for a satisfyingly lower price?

Let’s also consider the real meaning of the word dupe: to deceive. The perfect segue for this post.

When it comes to high-end design, there seems to be a misconception that specific pieces MUST be included even if they absorb a lot of the budget. Don't be deceived by this. Chances are there's a dupe or two floating around that you could fall even harder in love with. 

The dupe mentality works wonders for pillow hoarders like me. For the sake of full disclosure, the pillow dupes I'll share below are just pillow covers.

That's the best kept secret for decorating addicts that are constantly 'inspired' [triggered]. New covers, rather than pillows, keep the price low and the closet from raining down plush boulders. 

Shall we?

Some - not all - of these include affiliate links, meaning I could make a tiny commission at no extra cost to you if you click or purchase them. I personally own these dupes, so you know I love 'em!

Metallic Speckled Cowhide Dupe

I'm obsessed with anything metallic cowhide, but I've always admired this simultaneously neutral, rustic and glam textile from afar since even Home Goods will probably run you upwards of $60-80 for one throw pillow.

That's why my ever-pillow-loving heart start racing when I stumbled upon a $30 metallic cowhide pillow cover at Hobby Lobby [knowing I could get it for $15 with their daily coupon].


I wasn't even aware that Hobby Lobby had  a pillow cover section [located near the upholstery fabric] until I got lost looking for something else. Hobby Lobby has a daily coupon for 40% or 50% off one regularly priced item. If the cover isn't regularly priced that day, chances are it's because it's being featured for 50% off that week anyway. 

I paid $30 for the pair, which is a nice alternative to $438 for two of the Le-Coterie version that I CANNOT believe some people pay $219 for. Please excuse me while I go loudly scream into one of my many throw pillows. Okay - I'm better now. 

The quality of these covers is impressive. I think I actually prefer the dupe because it's brighter and less masculine. Walmart has a metallic cowhide that includes the actual pillow. Go 'head, Walmart!

Let's check out how these bad boys are looking in the recently revamped guest room which I've yet to reveal: 


Deep Teal Velvet Dupe

Up next: deep teal velvet dupes. I can't say enough good things about either of these [see teal and velvet-obsessed visual above], so I'll just leave this here. 


Again, I prefer the color of the double dupes. They're pictured above in the guest room.

$149 for the One Kinds Lane version vs. a set of 2 for $13.99. Thaaat's a toughie.

Wild Zebra Print Dupe

Ahhh… zebra print. This trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere on the things-your-room-needs-to-be-Instagramworthy list, so some might decide to splurge here. I, on the other hand, will proudly and tightly clutch my $12.99 dupeUPDATE: it’s now $7.99!


The fabric is thick, textured and very high-quality. I promise it's not the ultra-bright-white-ghetto-dorm-zebra-print you're picturing. Not that I'd know aaanything about that. At 20 x 20, it's also a little bit larger than the standard throw pillow, so it definitely creates an impact. 

Let's check out how it looks in the living room.


Hmm. Maybe there is such a thing as too many pillows. 


Get to work! XO