100+ Decor Gifts Under $100 For Every Enthusiast in Your Life

Is there a more satisfying feeling than watching a loved one’s face light up after tearing into your gift that is just so “them?”

On the flip side, what about when you foist [a word I’ve added to my lexicon thanks to Curb Your Enthusiasm] a generic gift onto someone out of holiday obligation?

The awkward silence that hangs in the air can be deafening. Right? Until they start fumbling for justifications of how they’ll use it, of course.

Let’s pause as we cringe on past failed attempts. I’m getting flashbacks to all the Groupon experiences I’ve foisted on people.

When time is not on our side [ahem… as in we’re two weeks out from Christmas], what a remotely thoughtful gift comes down to is an item they can personally identify with.

Whether it’s dogs, cats, coffee, wine or food [have I inadvertently omitted any of life’s greatest pleasures?], there’s something out there that will speak to their spunk.

For those in a Christmas crunch, I’ve compiled more than 100 decor gifts all less than $100—in categories to help you find the “one-and-done” present for each enthusiast in your life.

Procrastination be gone.

Get to work!

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free-spirited World Travelers

Dog and Cat Lovers

Coffee + Alcohol Enthusiasts

fabulous Foodies + chefs

Animal Print Aficionados

Fierce Females

Artsy But Not So Fartsy