Wild & Free Bohemian Glam Guest Room Reveal

The guest room: shunned middle sister?

Our guest room was the Jan Brady of the house - 'nice' - but not exactly turning heads. We love entertaining and having guests stay over, but the red carpet treatment for their bedroom experience has been more of a roll-out-the-tattered-grey-shag-bathroom-rug. 

It wasn’t until I started spending a little more time in this room, thanks to my husband’s snoring [no longer an issue due to a marriage-saving mouth guard], that I was forced to bore into the eyes of this room's barren soul. Its soul: a bed, a picture and two mirrors against painfully white walls—staring directly into the [broken-doored] closet. 

Here Jan is in all her glory. GAWD. Let's pretend that picture was actually centered above the bed.

jan Before her makeover


It had an overly cutesy little Florida room vibe, but it wasn't making me feel any type of way, and all the white was enveloping the room in starkness. I still do love the pink front door picture, but much more in its new placement of the entryway by our front door. 

One night while my insomniac mind was racing, I started envisioning the room's potential. I pulled inspiration from my Wild + Free mood board, knowing I wanted it to be dramatic, abstract and a little masculine, but still soft and feminine at the same time. 

I decided the tucked-away guest room would be the perfect victim for finally trying out the bold color I'd always pined for after stalking Pinterest: Blue Peacock by Sherwin Williams. A few days later, I stumbled upon this leopard statue [huuugely discounted at Home Goods] and my vision started coming to life. 

Because this room's transformation is the embodiment of what reworking the room entails, I put together some of the behind-the-scenes secrets that allowed me to flip it with very little budget in a downloadable freebie below.

Now I’m more in love with it than any other room in our home. When guests aren't using it, you can find me there reading, watching TV or straight up just basking in its bohemian beauty. 

we shall now call her marsha

freebie (3).jpg


Get to work! XO

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