5 Other Interior Bloggers I’m Fangirling Over and Why

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Let’s dissect the title of this post for a second before we dive in. Shall we?

Fangirling: behaving in an obsessive and excited way. Whether you know me personally or not, you can probably feel it through my writing—I’m excitable. Insert a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) or two and I’m practically swinging from the chandelier Cia-style. Working the room, if you will.

Back up to the first half of the title. Why would I draw attention to other bloggers in the same niche? As a thank you note—per my usual superfluous ramble. Thank you for what?  

First: inspiration. I’d be lying through my coffee and vino-stained teeth if I told you I never gleaned it from other bloggers. Whether it’s from their jaw-dropping home flips, resourceful DIY hacks or interior styling prowess, the ‘moved’ feeling I get from watching others dump their soul into this niche (an incredibly time-consuming one by the way) reminds me I can inspire others, too.

Second: gratitude. Gratitude for finding (fine… infiltrating) a community that makes me feel less insane. You mean there are other non-certifiably-crazy women out there who are also flooded with unadulterated joy while rearranging their coffee table decor 12 times straight until ‘right’? Once you find that community, you hang onto it for dear life.

Third: awe. I’m not so proud I can’t admit when another woman has done a bang-up job. I’m in utter awe of the raw, artistic talent of these 5 interior bloggers—and I’m taking serious notes. It’s interior envy, but we’re calling it fangirling instead.

Let’s see who I’ve been fangirling over these days and why. In no particular order, I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorites—and to keep the momentum going, I curated a look inspired by each blogger’s signature style so you can channel it, too.

Disclaimer: this is going to be a long one. I was born excitable, remember?


If your walls could talk, they’d beg you to take a note out of Ashlina Kaposta’s blog, The Decorista, or perhaps her published book.

The blogger and author has inspired others to dig deeper into finding the intangible elements a home can serve as a sanctuary for. She sheds light on how integral spirituality, self-care and passion can be in the ‘glam-shui’ and overall bliss of a home. With these powers combined, she’s carefully refined a concept she calls decor therapy.

This is a concept I can get behind. I must be on a lifelong retreat. Please let there be no receipt.

What are some of Ashlina’s signature staples?

If you peruse her blog, you’ll see themes emerge that echo a spiritual nature. Minerals, candles and flowers abound—all incorporated into feminine, sophisticated and classic designs.

If I had to define her aesthetic, I would dub it ‘enlightened elegance’—dripping with glamour but founded on philosophies that transcend well beyond what the naked eye can see.

This is one of my favorite images of hers. She won’t mind if I blow it up to hang over my own mantel while I pretend to live there, will she? Is that how channeled positivity works?

Let’s all take a page from The Decorista’s book and surround ourselves with more bliss at home—in whatever unique form that may be—to live with a little more passion and purpose. I’m taking a hot bath while listening to an audio book ASAP.

Side note: she actually just became a mother to a sweet baby boy. He’s so cute!

Here’s some Decorista-inspired ‘enlightened elegance’ to kick things off:


Shop Decorista-inspired ‘enlightened elegance’


If you’ve ever dipped your toe into Pinterest, you’ve seen one of Kimberly from Swoon Worthy Blog’s viral bar cart or shelf designs. When your eye falls onto her images, you’re absolutely sure it couldn’t exist in real life. But it does. In her home. I have proof.

Walk through her last house tour for proof of your own—and prepare to have your mind blown [and interior envy triggered]. She recently moved into another home she’ll make over room by room. We’re all on pins and needles waiting for the next room swoon.

Let’s check out her bedroom and makeup room reveals so far.

Bedroom reveal via  swoonworthy blog

Bedroom reveal via swoonworthy blog

makeup room reveal  via swoonworthy blog

makeup room reveal via swoonworthy blog

What you’ll see in Kimberly’s style:

Kimberly marries mixtures of prints, patterns and textures with rich, opulent jewel-toned colors, feminine florals and an abundance of gold. She combines vintage and modern styles for an aesthetic that’s glamorous, timeless, lavish and dimensional.

You’ll also see her adorable two dogs and cat lounging around as interior Instagram models. She gives the people what they want.  

Her style is best described as bohemian glam—a look that many strive to achieve but can’t quite master like Kimberly. It’s classy, cultured and incredibly luxurious, without feeling like a museum where nothing can be touched.

As evidenced in her last home tour, Kimberly has a true talent for making one room seamlessly flow to the next—will each room still having its own distinct and cohesive style.

I’m actually on my way to the UK to ambush her and move in. Her makeup room will do.

my rendition of the signature Swoonworthy style:


I’ve got to keep moving before I can’t stop swooning.

Shop Swoonworthy-inspired bohemian glam


Excuse me while I pour myself a YUGE glass of (bo)vino. I’d also like to modify my statement a few dozen paragraphs up about not being too proud.

I do have a hard time admitting when someone is wittier than me [or as witty as I think I am], but I’ve got to give credit where it’s due.

Enter Alisa Bovino of A Glass of Bovino. She’s the queen of masculine glam—and she knows how to throw down a joke or two about interior design.

Because—as much as we all take decorating pretty seriously around here—it’s not about life or death. Or is it? Ask my husband.  

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this vivacious blogger, but I know I ended up deep down a rabbit hole drooling over every picture of her home on Instagram.

Next thing I knew, I was knee deep in skulls. So many skulls. But in a way you’d never imagine.

Exhibit A: her living room. Ever imagine a skull bringing so much life to a space? Her skull obsession is only trumped by her love for dark walls—a dramatic backdrop for the expertly curated designs she dreams up in her home and the homes of others.

She also loves a good leopard print or four. Her office = EVERYONE’S GOALS.

Her signature style is marked by the juxtaposition of—you guessed it—masculinity and glamour. She marries deeply colored statement pieces with luxurious textures, modern finishes and elegant touches.

The end result? A sophisticated, opulent room that both sides of the bed and couch will love. It’s a look that can only be properly honored with the name masculine glam.

Side note: I see a little of myself in her. She and her husband are first-time homeowners who like to DIY [let’s bow our heads for their current bathroom reno]; she likely pushes her hubs to the brink almost as much with redecorating; she lives in NJ [where both sides of my fam reside]; and has sarcastic humor.

But most importantly of all, she loves a good glass of (bo)vino. Not that I can relate.

Let’s dive skull-first into some masculine glam:


Shop a glass of bovino-inspired Masculine Glam



If anybody has an edge on expressing individuality through interiors, it’s Amber from The Beautiful Savages.

It makes sense considering that in addition to being an avid interior decorator, she’s an artist and hairstylist.

I first stumbled upon her talent while writing an article for a wallpaper client who’d collaborated with her and had pictures of her home on their site.

A few clicks later, I was smitten—and incredibly sidetracked from my project.

Her edgy glamour was [and still is] unlike any style I’ve ever seen. The fact her last name is ‘savage’ only ups the ante.

LOOK at her living room. I don’t even know where to begin.


As someone who can appreciate a good conversation piece, I can imagine myself never shutting up while traipsing through Amber’s home because of how thought-provoking every piece in there is.

It’s a powerhouse of lifelike statements that you really won’t see elsewhere.

What’s coming out of the woodwork in Amber’s home:

Modern, minimalistic furniture [some of which she puts a spin on herself like her latest IKEA sideboard hack]; crisp, white backdrops; pops of black, gold and bright colors; and Jonathan Adler-inspired decorative pieces throughout.  

Her outdoor patio? I’ll just leave this here. Excuse me while I rip up my backyard grass and glue it onto my wall.

Here’s some beautiful savages-inspired edgy glam:


Shop The Beautiful Savages-Inspired Edgy Glam


I really never understood the meaning of ‘hygge’ in interior design until I stumbled upon Danielle Doughty on Instagram.

Given that hygge embraces coziness and well-being in the home, I think her incredibly unique style is the total embodiment.

Her home is completely enveloped in warmth and luxe. Rich, textured walls set the backdrop for her creatively curated art prints, lush greenery, intricate lighting and sheepskins [which she sells, by the way].

When I peek at her interiors, I feel like I’m transported to a land far, far away where it’d be a normal part of my day to be hand fed grapes while being fanned and admired.

I think I’ll stay there for a little longer.

Danielle humorously calls herself a maximalist—something I can definitely relate to—as hard as I try to minimize my decor / life / personality with zero success.

However, there is nothing cluttered about her space. It has so much depth and personality—each piece a contributing writer to a larger story. A story you really want to read.

Much of that story is told via striking and eclectic art—that she clearly has an eye for. The way she pairs and layers distinctly unique pieces is a talent in itself.

Her aesthetic evokes thoughts of nature, royalty and culture. You could tiptoe through a few rooms of her home and feel like you’d just traveled abroad—but without the jet lag.

I feel enriched and well-traveled just surfing her Instagram, so this seems like a good place to call it.

cozy, eclectic pavot blue interiors-inspired look: