100+ Decor Gifts Under $100 For Every Enthusiast in Your Life

Gift giving can go one of two ways: “nailed it” or epic failure. is there really an in between?

It can be an exhilarating feeling of anticipation as you wait for the recipient to tear into that authentic gift you just know will speak to their soul. #nailedit

Contrarily, it can also manifest as a sensation of dread knowing the generic inanimate object you bought out of obligation was a complete waste of money. #epicfailure

According to Real Simple, one of the hallmarks of a thoughtful gift giver is to make it personal.

We know this. Personalizing a gift is what makes the gesture special.

However, when time is not on our side [ahem—as in we’re two weeks out from Christmas], what it comes down to is, at the very least, something they can identify with.

It’s about finding that sweet spot: a gift that’s functional and purposeful, yet aesthetically-pleasing, within a niche they’re naturally enthused by.

If you can find a piece of appealing decor that speaks their language, you’ve already satisfied all this criteria.

For those in a Christmas crunch, I’ve compiled more than 100 home decor gifts all less than $100—broken into categories to help you identify the “one-and-done” present for each enthusiast in your life. Procrastination be gone.

Get to work! XO

Heads up: products are affiliate links, meaning I could make a small commission if purchases are made specifically through these links. Thanks for helping me keep my blog going!

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Artsy But Not So Fartsy

In Your Face: The Trend You Thought Wouldn’t Stick Around

Heads up: though the majority of them are not, some of the product links in this post are affiliates.

Let’s face it: there’s something conversation-provoking about a piece of abstract face art.

Whether it’s because you swear the eyes are following you or it figuratively brings your home to life, it’s a trend that clearly has legs. In fact, a September Apartment Therapy article reported that, according to Etsy, Etsy’s on-site searches for "faces" were up 38 percent compared to 2017.

Can I take credit for this trend since I purchased Oliver Gal’s Plant Lady Glasses in 2017 and haven’t stopped collecting faces since—due to some twisted obsession with portraits of strangers? No? It has become a common observation dropped in my house when guests enter, however.

Guest: “You have a lot of… faces in here.” Me: “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Guest: laughs nervously.

 this etsy face  print  is about as abstract as it gets. take a peek at it in my office gallery wall while you ask yourself ‘did she really change up that room again?’

this etsy face print is about as abstract as it gets. take a peek at it in my office gallery wall while you ask yourself ‘did she really change up that room again?’

Despite whether it’s a compliment or not, I’ll gladly embrace any convo prompted from a piece of art or decor. Working the room isn’t about playing it safe—it’s about turning heads.

If you think about it, many brands known for facial features [think Fornasetti, Jonathan Adler and Oliver Gal] are some of the most couture labels out there.

Faces are even crawling through the fashion woodwork, emerging on shirts, purses and earrings.

excuse me—Where did you get that face?

I’ve become quite the face connoisseur [I proclaim oddly proudly], so it’s time to share my favorite sources for pieces that are abstract, unusual and affordable.

If you’re game to find, download and print your own art as cheaply as possible, try Etsy.

 art so nice, i printed it twice. you can find this abstract face  print  from etsy in both my bedroom and guest room.

art so nice, i printed it twice. you can find this abstract face print from etsy in both my bedroom and guest room.

Search terms that’ll help you zero in: abstract face printable; abstract woman printable; floral woman printable; floral head printable.

If you’d rather have it shipped to you, try searching “print” instead of “printable.”

I’ve definitely decked my home out with a fair share of Etsy prints, but one of my favorite sources for obscure face prints is Society6.

 another etsy face  printable  that you’ll find in two rooms. the picture next to it is a framed greeting card [though i’m not sure who you’d send an ‘intoxicating’ card to?]

another etsy face printable that you’ll find in two rooms. the picture next to it is a framed greeting card [though i’m not sure who you’d send an ‘intoxicating’ card to?]

Typing “abstract face” into the Society6 search bar will yield nearly 80 options [including animals for the win], but to cut to the chase, here are the artists I routinely peruse:

  • Artist Dada22 takes the cake for all things unusual, eye-catching and vibrant.

  • Artist Corpsica 6 has a lot of vintage art with modern paint streaks and touches.

  • Artist Beth Hoeckel boasts some quirky pieces with faces and inanimate objects.

Note: Society6 lets you order their art in a variety of formats [i.e. print, poster, pillow, etc.] but I would only recommend ordering the prints, as opposed to posters.

The prints, while more expensive, are higher quality and printed on very thick paper. The posters come rolled up on glossy paper that’s difficult to work with.

Let’s dive face-first into some face prints.

Society6 Prints That I’ve already Coveted:

 you may recognize this  print  from my  guest room reveal . |  via dada22 of Society6

you may recognize this print from my guest room reveal. | via dada22 of Society6

 I’m about to hang this one in my bedroom |  via    dada22    of Society6

I’m about to hang this one in my bedroom | via dada22 of Society6

 pending a frame for in my office |  via    dada22    of Society6

pending a frame for in my office | via dada22 of Society6

 this  print  made an appearance in my origins of a sassy, classy, thrifty and eclectic  blog post . |  via dada22 of Society6

this print made an appearance in my origins of a sassy, classy, thrifty and eclectic blog post. | via dada22 of Society6

Society6 Prints I’ll Probably Covet ASAP:

 i love the juxtaposition of colors in this one. | via  dada22  of society6

i love the juxtaposition of colors in this one. | via dada22 of society6

 does this one feel like christmas to you too? the holly berries are a nice touch | via  riza peker  of society6

does this one feel like christmas to you too? the holly berries are a nice touch | via riza peker of society6

 shall we give her a censored sticker? | via  dada22  of society6

shall we give her a censored sticker? | via dada22 of society6

 This is how i feel every morning when i wake up. | via  dada22  of society6

This is how i feel every morning when i wake up. | via dada22 of society6

Faces You Can Download FREE to print yourself

You’ve probably heard me talk about Unsplash by now, but if you haven’t, go check this site out right away. They offer pictures free of cost and license—and I regularly print pictures at Walgreens or through MPix that I’ve downloaded for free. You could easily add a paint filter onto the pictures to flip it into the abstract type that Society6 and Etsy sell.

 anybody recognize this from anywhere/everywhere on my blog?

anybody recognize this from anywhere/everywhere on my blog?

 She’s not anywhere in my home [yet], but reminds me of a lot of canvas prints I’ve seen out there.

She’s not anywhere in my home [yet], but reminds me of a lot of canvas prints I’ve seen out there.

 This saucy seductress is part of my office gallery wall.

This saucy seductress is part of my office gallery wall.

Shop More Face Art

Get to work! XO

Goldilocks' Gold: The Less Than $5 Secret For Glamorizing Thrift Store Finds

All that glitters is gold—but why does that gold always have to be so yellow or brassy?

Nailing down the right tone of gold paint reminds of highlighting my hair—it’s a rarity when my roots don’t leave the salon too brassy, yellow or grey and washed out. That’s probably because my porous hair is screaming for a conditioning treatment, but we’ll tackle that another day.

From someone who has tried every paint under the sun [where you’ll actually find me spraying my latest thrift find], the ever-elusive beautifully-toned gold has always seemed out of reach.

For awhile I was a fan of adhesive gold leafing, but my leaf-flaked-floors and fingernails speak for themselves when they tell you that they’ve had enough of that mess.

Having fallen in love with the silver foil spray paint you’ve heard me go on and on about, I figured the gold version of its silver sister would be a no-brainer.

Here’s a glance at the silver foil spray paint in action on a Salvation Army candlestick and Bertha the skull. Nobody can stop her silver shine. Am I right?


The gold version of this foil paint, however, was a total letdown—super brassy and unattractive.

I’d given up on my ‘Goldilocks’ gold until I found two very unique frames at a garage sale that were in need of a refresh. Aside from knowing I’d replace the pictures, I wanted to preserve the gold if [and only if] I could brighten it up with a tone I actually liked.

Back to the drawing board I went, purchasing quuuite a few options at Michael’s and conducting a scientific, Breaking Bad-like experiment on my office floor.

Then, I found it—the Goldilocks gold.

Hang tight for the pic replacements, but directly below, check out the paint comparison.

Side note: I’m enamored with the metallic cowhide rug underneath the frames I recently bought with a birthday gift card. You know my metallic cowhide obsession if you’ve read my pillow dupes.

 LEFT: the original gold of the frame. Right: matching frame painted with  ArtMinds Brushed Metallic in Champagne Gold .

LEFT: the original gold of the frame. Right: matching frame painted with ArtMinds Brushed Metallic in Champagne Gold.

Brighter and much more glamorous, right? It’s the perfect gold for modernizing and glamorizing practically anything, but it especially highlights antiques that are ready for a rejuvenation.

As I mentioned, I only brushed on one light coat to avoid sacrificing too much of the frame’s intricacy and dimension. Though it appeared more yellow than I anticipated during the application process, once it dried, it was just right.

Here’s a snapshot of one of the finished frames and art pieces. I’ll reveal my latest gallery wall soon on the blog so you can see the full effect.

One more sneak peek of the gold in action—painted on [only half, for comparison] an antique mirror I found at my favorite consignment shop.

Get your Goldilocks gold and get to work! XO

Seasonal Decorative Disorder: Fix It By Doing This

Seasonal Decorative Disorder. Let’s make it a thing. wikipedia, anyone?

I’m hereby defining Seasonal Decorative Disorder as a condition marked by the following: 1.) getting swept away with one of the four seasons; 2.) incorporating the living daylights out of a color palette surrounding it; 3.) standing back to admire the victimized room; 4.) noticing…

it’s screaming. It’s screaming summer, spring, winter or fall—and any day initiating the next season is profusely rolling its eyes. You’re overtaken by this feeling of decorative regret for letting one particular season get the best of you. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

I’m not talking about the holiday decor you’re bound to douse all over your home anyway. Back away slowly—nobody’s taking that away from you. I’m referring to the palette foundation you’re using throughout the year in your overall design schemes. What shades is it showcasing?

Summer can bring waves of bright, tropical decor, while spring is a kaleidoscope of all things pastel. Love ya, robin egg’s blue—but you do not deserve to be plastered all over my couch.

As I find myself currently experiencing, fall and winter can incite a craving for rich, moody, dark hues that are insanely beautiful—but not quite practical or versatile enough for year-round.

How can you infuse your space with a color palette that’ll embrace all 365 days of the year—rather than the blink-of-an-eye stint that one season brings?

Color Palette Prowess: 4 Tips for a Scheme that’s well-balanced and sophisticated Year-Round

  • Curate a subdued palette of colors that aren’t overly bright or relegated to a specific season.

  • Use an amalgamation of cool and warm hues [like gold, silver, grey, white, blue, green, pink and beige] that will prevent you from craving more intimacy or airiness.

  • Distribute the colors evenly throughout the room to keep it cohesive and well-balanced.

  • Use various shades of darkness for each selected hue—i.e. blush pink, rose, mauve, cranberry.

Still having trouble visualizing a palette? Here’s a design I created to show without telling.

Get to work! XO


5 Other Interior Bloggers I’m Fangirling Over and Why

Heads up: products in inspired looks contain affiliate links.

Let’s dissect the title of this post for a second before we dive in. Shall we?

Fangirling: behaving in an obsessive and excited way. Whether you know me personally or not, you can probably feel it through my writing—I’m excitable. Insert a cup of coffee (or glass of wine) or two and I’m practically swinging from the chandelier Cia-style. Working the room, if you will.

Back up to the first half of the title. Why would I draw attention to other bloggers in the same niche? As a thank you note—per my usual superfluous ramble. Thank you for what?  

First: inspiration. I’d be lying through my coffee and vino-stained teeth if I told you I never gleaned it from other bloggers. Whether it’s from their jaw-dropping home flips, resourceful DIY hacks or interior styling prowess, the ‘moved’ feeling I get from watching others dump their soul into this niche (an incredibly time-consuming one by the way) reminds me I can inspire others, too.

Second: gratitude. Gratitude for finding (fine… infiltrating) a community that makes me feel less insane. You mean there are other non-certifiably-crazy women out there who are also flooded with unadulterated joy while rearranging their coffee table decor 12 times straight until ‘right’? Once you find that community, you hang onto it for dear life.

Third: awe. I’m not so proud I can’t admit when another woman has done a bang-up job. I’m in utter awe of the raw, artistic talent of these 5 interior bloggers—and I’m taking serious notes. It’s interior envy, but we’re calling it fangirling instead.

Let’s see who I’ve been fangirling over these days and why. In no particular order, I’ve rounded up my top 5 favorites—and to keep the momentum going, I curated a look inspired by each blogger’s signature style so you can channel it, too.

Disclaimer: this is going to be a long one. I was born excitable, remember?


If your walls could talk, they’d beg you to take a note out of Ashlina Kaposta’s blog, The Decorista, or perhaps her published book.

The blogger and author has inspired others to dig deeper into finding the intangible elements a home can serve as a sanctuary for. She sheds light on how integral spirituality, self-care and passion can be in the ‘glam-shui’ and overall bliss of a home. With these powers combined, she’s carefully refined a concept she calls decor therapy.

This is a concept I can get behind. I must be on a lifelong retreat. Please let there be no receipt.

What are some of Ashlina’s signature staples?

If you peruse her blog, you’ll see themes emerge that echo a spiritual nature. Minerals, candles and flowers abound—all incorporated into feminine, sophisticated and classic designs.

If I had to define her aesthetic, I would dub it ‘enlightened elegance’—dripping with glamour but founded on philosophies that transcend well beyond what the naked eye can see.

This is one of my favorite images of hers. She won’t mind if I blow it up to hang over my own mantel while I pretend to live there, will she? Is that how channeled positivity works?

Let’s all take a page from The Decorista’s book and surround ourselves with more bliss at home—in whatever unique form that may be—to live with a little more passion and purpose. I’m taking a hot bath while listening to an audio book ASAP.

Side note: she actually just became a mother to a sweet baby boy. He’s so cute!

Here’s some Decorista-inspired ‘enlightened elegance’ to kick things off:


Shop Decorista-inspired ‘enlightened elegance’


If you’ve ever dipped your toe into Pinterest, you’ve seen one of Kimberly from Swoon Worthy Blog’s viral bar cart or shelf designs. When your eye falls onto her images, you’re absolutely sure it couldn’t exist in real life. But it does. In her home. I have proof.

Walk through her last house tour for proof of your own—and prepare to have your mind blown [and interior envy triggered]. She recently moved into another home she’ll make over room by room. We’re all on pins and needles waiting for the next room swoon.

Let’s check out her bedroom and makeup room reveals so far.

 Bedroom reveal via  swoonworthy blog

Bedroom reveal via swoonworthy blog

  makeup room reveal  via swoonworthy blog

makeup room reveal via swoonworthy blog

What you’ll see in Kimberly’s style:

Kimberly marries mixtures of prints, patterns and textures with rich, opulent jewel-toned colors, feminine florals and an abundance of gold. She combines vintage and modern styles for an aesthetic that’s glamorous, timeless, lavish and dimensional.

You’ll also see her adorable two dogs and cat lounging around as interior Instagram models. She gives the people what they want.  

Her style is best described as bohemian glam—a look that many strive to achieve but can’t quite master like Kimberly. It’s classy, cultured and incredibly luxurious, without feeling like a museum where nothing can be touched.

As evidenced in her last home tour, Kimberly has a true talent for making one room seamlessly flow to the next—will each room still having its own distinct and cohesive style.

I’m actually on my way to the UK to ambush her and move in. Her makeup room will do.

my rendition of the signature Swoonworthy style:


I’ve got to keep moving before I can’t stop swooning.

Shop Swoonworthy-inspired bohemian glam


Excuse me while I pour myself a YUGE glass of (bo)vino. I’d also like to modify my statement a few dozen paragraphs up about not being too proud.

I do have a hard time admitting when someone is wittier than me [or as witty as I think I am], but I’ve got to give credit where it’s due.

Enter Alisa Bovino of A Glass of Bovino. She’s the queen of masculine glam—and she knows how to throw down a joke or two about interior design.

Because—as much as we all take decorating pretty seriously around here—it’s not about life or death. Or is it? Ask my husband.  

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this vivacious blogger, but I know I ended up deep down a rabbit hole drooling over every picture of her home on Instagram.

Next thing I knew, I was knee deep in skulls. So many skulls. But in a way you’d never imagine.

Exhibit A: her living room. Ever imagine a skull bringing so much life to a space? Her skull obsession is only trumped by her love for dark walls—a dramatic backdrop for the expertly curated designs she dreams up in her home and the homes of others.

She also loves a good leopard print or four. Her office = EVERYONE’S GOALS.

Her signature style is marked by the juxtaposition of—you guessed it—masculinity and glamour. She marries deeply colored statement pieces with luxurious textures, modern finishes and elegant touches.

The end result? A sophisticated, opulent room that both sides of the bed and couch will love. It’s a look that can only be properly honored with the name masculine glam.

Side note: I see a little of myself in her. She and her husband are first-time homeowners who like to DIY [let’s bow our heads for their current bathroom reno]; she likely pushes her hubs to the brink almost as much with redecorating; she lives in NJ [where both sides of my fam reside]; and has sarcastic humor.

But most importantly of all, she loves a good glass of (bo)vino. Not that I can relate.

Let’s dive skull-first into some masculine glam:


Shop a glass of bovino-inspired Masculine Glam



If anybody has an edge on expressing individuality through interiors, it’s Amber from The Beautiful Savages.

It makes sense considering that in addition to being an avid interior decorator, she’s an artist and hairstylist.

I first stumbled upon her talent while writing an article for a wallpaper client who’d collaborated with her and had pictures of her home on their site.

A few clicks later, I was smitten—and incredibly sidetracked from my project.

Her edgy glamour was [and still is] unlike any style I’ve ever seen. The fact her last name is ‘savage’ only ups the ante.

LOOK at her living room. I don’t even know where to begin.


As someone who can appreciate a good conversation piece, I can imagine myself never shutting up while traipsing through Amber’s home because of how thought-provoking every piece in there is.

It’s a powerhouse of lifelike statements that you really won’t see elsewhere.

What’s coming out of the woodwork in Amber’s home:

Modern, minimalistic furniture [some of which she puts a spin on herself like her latest IKEA sideboard hack]; crisp, white backdrops; pops of black, gold and bright colors; and Jonathan Adler-inspired decorative pieces throughout.  

Her outdoor patio? I’ll just leave this here. Excuse me while I rip up my backyard grass and glue it onto my wall.

Here’s some beautiful savages-inspired edgy glam:


Shop The Beautiful Savages-Inspired Edgy Glam


I really never understood the meaning of ‘hygge’ in interior design until I stumbled upon Danielle Doughty on Instagram.

Given that hygge embraces coziness and well-being in the home, I think her incredibly unique style is the total embodiment.

Her home is completely enveloped in warmth and luxe. Rich, textured walls set the backdrop for her creatively curated art prints, lush greenery, intricate lighting and sheepskins [which she sells, by the way].

When I peek at her interiors, I feel like I’m transported to a land far, far away where it’d be a normal part of my day to be hand fed grapes while being fanned and admired.

I think I’ll stay there for a little longer.

Danielle humorously calls herself a maximalist—something I can definitely relate to—as hard as I try to minimize my decor / life / personality with zero success.

However, there is nothing cluttered about her space. It has so much depth and personality—each piece a contributing writer to a larger story. A story you really want to read.

Much of that story is told via striking and eclectic art—that she clearly has an eye for. The way she pairs and layers distinctly unique pieces is a talent in itself.

Her aesthetic evokes thoughts of nature, royalty and culture. You could tiptoe through a few rooms of her home and feel like you’d just traveled abroad—but without the jet lag.

I feel enriched and well-traveled just surfing her Instagram, so this seems like a good place to call it.

cozy, eclectic pavot blue interiors-inspired look:


The Easy 5-Part Picture Recipe for a Gallery Wall that Wows

This should probably just be called ‘the 5 Parts to a Gallery Wall that Won’t Make You Gouge Your Eyes Out,’ but we’ll go with a more subtle one.

I Googled ‘gallery wall trend’ for kicks, but I wasn’t prepared for so much animosity channeled towards a group of inanimate objects. Headlines screeched why they’re the ‘worst,’ why the trend is ‘outdated’ and why it needs to be ‘over for good.’ Most articles argue big wall art is back to stay.

Translation: people are tired. They naively saw a Pinterest image of a floor-to-ceiling statement gallery wall and thought ‘I definitely have enough generic family pictures and frames laying around the house to replicate this tonight.’ Until the next thing they knew they were rocking back and forth on the floor in the fetal position, begging someone to finish it for them. The horror.

I’ll admit—I had a little frustration of my own when I embarked on a gallery wall for the made over guest room. I knew I wasn’t one for the perfect grid look in that I didn’t want all the frames to be sized the same or aligned perfectly, so I didn’t fixate too much on that. I also knew I wanted, for the most part, an overall modern, abstract look—not one full of sentimental memories.

But I wasn’t without struggles. I had a little mental back and forth [if that’s a thing—could also just be called talking to yourself] while establishing the right balance of femininity / masculinity among the pictures. I wanted each piece to have its own personality—all of which would contribute to an edgy end look.

However, struggles included, I wholeheartedly feel the gallery wall is what anchors the guest room and gives it an identity, making it feel cohesive, dimensional and *finally* complete. My struggles = your secrets. You’ve just got to be willing to execute a simple 5-part recipe.

What is that recipe? Is it gluten-free? It’s the 5 types of pictures combined that finally satisfied my perfectionistic personality. If they can please me, they can certainly please you.

Why 5? Because 5 picture selections is the threshold for that fetal position scenario we discussed earlier. You could always add more [if you dare] on top of and below the middle picture if you choose. I ended up really liking it without though! It’s balanced but not painfully symmetrical.

Here are the 5-parts of a gallery wall that wows

More tips for preventing gallery wall woes:

  • Don’t obsess over measurements too much. See what frames you have [like the matching silver frames I had that were black before spray paint] and what frame sizes will suit your space before you go duplicating exact measurements of another gallery wall.

  • Randomize frame color[s] and picture mats. See how only one has a mat in this group?

  • Hate glares? Remove the glass! I don’t miss mine at all. With the exception of the teal abstract piece with glass built into its frame [can’t promise I won’t purposely break it soon], I removed all glass. I prefer the matte look over a shiny, ‘preserved’ glass aesthetic that can detract from the image. Unless a guest dumps a glass of red wine upside-down onto the pictures while jumping on the bed, I should be good—at which point there are probably bigger concerns to deal with anyway. Bonus: they photograph better without glass, too.

Get to work on that gallery wall! XO

Shop Your Own Gallery Wall Pieces

Heads up: these items contain affiliate links.

The Origins of a Classy, Sassy, & Thrifty Eclectic Wall Shelf

But first—let me take a #shelfie.

I was never much of a wall shelf enthusiast until my husband started rubbing off of me. He’s developed an affinity for all things wood that can add a custom feel to our home—including the molding and windowsills he’s been installing all over the place. Do yourself a favor and do NOT attempt to cover up his newly acquired passion with curtains. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

Once we’d hung a pair of floating shelves in our bedroom nook, I began to understood the opportunity presented before me: an eternal stage for my ever-vignette-loving heart to style with all the random finds I accumulate. Organized chaos dipped in gold, if you will.

Cut to—and these bad boys are now in four rooms in our home, including the gallery wall I’m currently working on in my office. I can already tell I’m going to love it just a little more than the others, much like my parents love me slightly more than my twin brother.

However, taking center stage today are the shelves hung above our kitchen bar cart. One of my missions behind this blog is to empower others to look beyond the belief that the perfect design aesthetic is a list of predetermined trendy items you have to spend a small fortune on.

Because interior decorating is so incredibly visual, I thought I would show—rather than tell—you more about what’s behind the curtains [that are NOT covering up the molding, I might add] of my latest styled floating shelves.

The only piece I didn’t already have was this beautifully abstract and obscure Society6 print—which is what gave me the fall-inspired color palette I was craving in our kitchen. It’s actually a poster [cheaper than their small prints] that’s been trimmed down to fit a frame I had.

Considering I made a few of the items myself, I know it’s a little quirky [with a lot going on]. That’s exactly what I love about the platform floating shelves give you—one so intricately curated that no one else is going to have one quite like you.

Sidenote: floating shelves would probably be the 16th element I’d add to my 15 Timeless + Glamorous Elements for the Redecorating Addict, but I like the number 15, so there’s that.

Now let’s take a closer look at the original home of each wall shelf item that I’m collectively calling ‘The Origins of a Sassy, Classy & Thrifty Eclectic Wall Shelf.’ Is that how SEO works?

Takeaway: don’t judge a wall shelf by its cover. You get the point.

Get to work! XO

Items below contain affiliate links, meaning if you click or purchase these specific items, I could make a small commission. I only include items I love and would purchase myself!

Shop the Look

15 Timeless + Glamorous Elements for the Redecorating Addict

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to redecorating. Added emphasis on the ‘re.’ Why?

To me, decorating means you have an affinity and passion for interior styling. You pride yourself on your ability to glance at a blank slate, formulate a design vision and strategically execute it [or—let’s face it—sprinkle your latest Home Goods finds all over a room like a champagne shower].

When you have a love for redecorating, one thing’s inevitable: you’re going to keep decorating that same damn room, space or corner until the end of time. Strike a chord? Whether it’s because you’re indecisive or perpetually ‘inspired,’ it’s an itch you can’t scratch until you decorate… again.

My deepest condolences if you have this addiction. Mine was passed down from my mother, and I’ve been trying to shake it since I was a child. If you’ve resigned to your inner redecorating devil, you may just need to empower yourself with some tools before you buy that next trendy feature piece [that’ll undoubtedly end up in the closet—or as my husband calls it—the decor graveyard.]

 exhibit a: how some of the timeless elements in the list below can play nicely together in the sandbox. pssst:  geode  and  marble  are definitely on my list!

exhibit a: how some of the timeless elements in the list below can play nicely together in the sandbox. pssst: geode and marble are definitely on my list!

From one redecorating addict to another, I can tell you that at the crux of your issue is this: you’re impulsively stockpiling items that you sorta, kinda, secretly already know you’ll tire of later. This feeling overcomes you in the checkout line, but you defiantly proceed to the register. Am I right?

You’re not alone—but you’re not stuck either. By honing in on fabrics, minerals and finishes that are glamorous and timeless, you’ll end up with a strong design foundation you can easily swap a few trendy pieces in and out of—instead of relegating your room to an eternal identity crisis.

 exhibit B: tons of timeless elements are found here. sidenote: I’m in love with these two thrift store candle finds [$1.99 each!] as well as this gorgeous ANTHROPOLOGie  drawer pull dupe.

exhibit B: tons of timeless elements are found here. sidenote: I’m in love with these two thrift store candle finds [$1.99 each!] as well as this gorgeous ANTHROPOLOGie drawer pull dupe.

Here’s my list of 15 timeless + glamorous decorative elements that are almost impossible to get sick of—despite changing minds and trends. I’ve been using this guide myself to combat hastiness [even for that clearance item] in purchases related to interior styling.

Your wallet and significant other will thank you. Pin now, redecorate [strategically] later.

[Heads up: it’s a large visual file, so just hit refresh a few times if you can’t see it at first].

Get to work! XO

Timeless Design Elements (3).png

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Glam Entryway Vignette Curated With All T.J. Maxx Finds

“You don’t go to T.J.Maxx looking for something… you have to let T.J.Maxx tell you what you’re looking for.” -random Tweeter named Reghan

I’d like to thank this random person on Twitter and Buzzfeed [named Reghan] for her articulate summation of the T.J. Maxx phenomenon. Nailed it, sister.

Things that weren’t ‘nailed’: this T.J. Maxx commercial created the year I was born. Join me in this cringe-worthy adventure. Dork chills are guaranteed. You’ve come a long way, T.J. baby.

The other night, I visited T.J. Maxx online—not looking for anything in particular—and T.J. told me what I was looking for. It presented me with a smorgasbord of sophisticated pieces that fell together in my brain. This puzzle looked a little something like what I’ve mocked up below.

Thank God you can’t see the rest of my brain. It always has a few too many tabs open.

This virtual inspo is an ode to T.J. Maxx. Your commercials may have improved over time, but your affinity for helping decor addicts like myself covet high-quality brands at minimum prices has always been at your core. Thanks for rebranding us as “maxxinistas” to make us look less insane.

Items below contain affiliate links, meaning if you click or purchase these specific items, I could make a small commission. I only include items I love and would purchase myself!

3 Designs for Those Lusting Over Leopard Print

"As far as i'm concerned, leopard is a neutral."

Fashion designer Jenna Lyons said it eloquently, didn't she? This quote may conjure a chuckle from those adhering to the textbook definition of neutral [unmarked by strong characteristics--everything leopard is not], but let's face it. A neutral in the interior design world is an element that can complement any color or design scheme.

Enter leopard print. It's no longer a 'trend,' considering it has dominated the fashion and interior design industry for years now and only continues to spread like a fire that no one has the extinguisher to. Where is mine, by the way? 


Leopard has become an iconic and timeless print that abounds on couch pillows, ottomans, pictures and the sports bra I wear as I type this blog post. And you caught me on a good day. 

So how is a print that's literally marked by strong characteristics a neutral? As an attempt to prove this enigmatic print can set the foundation for any color palette, I've curated three different designs below to set your wild soul on fire.

These designs were meant to exude bold glamour [much like the leopard theme of my guest room reveal], but the magic of leopard is it truly can enhance any aesthetic. Even though it's striking, when it's incorporated into styles that are bohemian, vintage, masculine, classic, rococo, traditional--you name it--it seems to fit right in, contributing texture and warmth.

This coveted print also gets along seamlessly with any other patterns. Check out my moody floral design for proof of how it complements a dominant floral print. You'd think a print demanding so much attention would clash with others, but leopard print is apparently social and diplomatic. 

The most impressive? Beyond style, leopard print also seems to transcend age, gender and personality. It anchors the room in sophistication and makes a vibrant focal point(s). Note the (s). Many would argue that too much leopard is never a good thing, but one of my marked characteristics is indulging in excess. A leopard doesn't change its spots. Had to. 

Enough of my leopard lusting and on to your lust. Below are those three designs I mentioned. The first one is bursting with leopard print, so keep scrolling if you're easily offended by it [what did leopard ever do to you though?]. The other two feature leopard print once or twice, but definitely continue the overarching leopard theme. 

Let me know in the comments just how much you're currently lusting over leopard [or if you just can't get behind this print that's seemingly infiltrated every single interior picture on Instagram].

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Heads up: items below contain affiliate links, meaning if you click or buy them, I could make a small commission. I only include items I love and would purchase myself [if I haven’t already]!

Exhibit A: gold, bold & dramatic


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Exhibit B: wild for fashion 


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Exhibit c: feminine but fierce


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Wild & Free Bohemian Glam Guest Room Reveal

The guest room: shunned middle sister?

Our guest room was the Jan Brady of the house - 'nice' - but not exactly turning heads. We love entertaining and having guests stay over, but the red carpet treatment for their bedroom experience has been more of a roll-out-the-tattered-grey-shag-bathroom-rug. 

It wasn’t until I started spending a little more time in this room, thanks to my husband’s snoring [no longer an issue due to a marriage-saving mouth guard], that I was forced to bore into the eyes of this room's barren soul. Its soul: a bed, a picture and two mirrors against painfully white walls—staring directly into the [broken-doored] closet. 

Here Jan is in all her glory. GAWD. Let's pretend that picture was actually centered above the bed.

jan Before her makeover


It had an overly cutesy little Florida room vibe, but it wasn't making me feel any type of way, and all the white was enveloping the room in starkness. I still do love the pink front door picture, but much more in its new placement of the entryway by our front door. 

One night while my insomniac mind was racing, I started envisioning the room's potential. I pulled inspiration from my Wild + Free mood board, knowing I wanted it to be dramatic, abstract and a little masculine, but still soft and feminine at the same time. 

I decided the tucked-away guest room would be the perfect victim for finally trying out the bold color I'd always pined for after stalking Pinterest: Blue Peacock by Sherwin Williams. A few days later, I stumbled upon this leopard statue [huuugely discounted at Home Goods] and my vision started coming to life. 

Because this room's transformation is the embodiment of what reworking the room entails, I put together some of the behind-the-scenes secrets that allowed me to flip it with very little budget in a downloadable freebie below.

Now I’m more in love with it than any other room in our home. When guests aren't using it, you can find me there reading, watching TV or straight up just basking in its bohemian beauty. 

we shall now call her marsha

freebie (3).jpg


Get to work! XO

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3 Design Dupes for the Pillow Obsessed

Three dupes walk into a bar.

I’ve got nothing—except possibly your attention?

A dupe, which I can only guess was coined by a fellow millennial, is short for duplicate. It's long been used in the world of makeup artistry. 

The philosophy is this: why buy a high-quality product at a high price when you can buy a replica of equal [or possibly even better] quality for a satisfyingly lower price?

Let’s also consider the real meaning of the word dupe: to deceive. The perfect segue for this post.

When it comes to high-end design, there seems to be a misconception that specific pieces MUST be included even if they absorb a lot of the budget. Don't be deceived by this. Chances are there's a dupe or two floating around that you could fall even harder in love with. 

The dupe mentality works wonders for pillow hoarders like me. For the sake of full disclosure, the pillow dupes I'll share below are just pillow covers.

That's the best kept secret for decorating addicts that are constantly 'inspired' [triggered]. New covers, rather than pillows, keep the price low and the closet from raining down plush boulders. 

Shall we?

Some - not all - of these include affiliate links, meaning I could make a tiny commission at no extra cost to you if you click or purchase them. I personally own these dupes, so you know I love 'em!

Metallic Speckled Cowhide Dupe

I'm obsessed with anything metallic cowhide, but I've always admired this simultaneously neutral, rustic and glam textile from afar since even Home Goods will probably run you upwards of $60-80 for one throw pillow.

That's why my ever-pillow-loving heart start racing when I stumbled upon a $30 metallic cowhide pillow cover at Hobby Lobby [knowing I could get it for $15 with their daily coupon].


I wasn't even aware that Hobby Lobby had  a pillow cover section [located near the upholstery fabric] until I got lost looking for something else. Hobby Lobby has a daily coupon for 40% or 50% off one regularly priced item. If the cover isn't regularly priced that day, chances are it's because it's being featured for 50% off that week anyway. 

I paid $30 for the pair, which is a nice alternative to $438 for two of the Le-Coterie version that I CANNOT believe some people pay $219 for. Please excuse me while I go loudly scream into one of my many throw pillows. Okay - I'm better now. 

The quality of these covers is impressive. I think I actually prefer the dupe because it's brighter and less masculine. Walmart has a metallic cowhide that includes the actual pillow. Go 'head, Walmart!

Let's check out how these bad boys are looking in the recently revamped guest room which I've yet to reveal: 


Deep Teal Velvet Dupe

Up next: deep teal velvet dupes. I can't say enough good things about either of these [see teal and velvet-obsessed visual above], so I'll just leave this here. 


Again, I prefer the color of the double dupes. They're pictured above in the guest room.

$149 for the One Kinds Lane version vs. a set of 2 for $13.99. Thaaat's a toughie.

Wild Zebra Print Dupe

Ahhh… zebra print. This trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere on the things-your-room-needs-to-be-Instagramworthy list, so some might decide to splurge here. I, on the other hand, will proudly and tightly clutch my $12.99 dupeUPDATE: it’s now $7.99!


The fabric is thick, textured and very high-quality. I promise it's not the ultra-bright-white-ghetto-dorm-zebra-print you're picturing. Not that I'd know aaanything about that. At 20 x 20, it's also a little bit larger than the standard throw pillow, so it definitely creates an impact. 

Let's check out how it looks in the living room.


Hmm. Maybe there is such a thing as too many pillows. 


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