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This blog is fueled by a concoction of equal parts passion for interior decorating and exorbitant amounts of cheap coffee. 

Decorating has always served as creative catharsis for me.

When my husband sees the signature psychotic glimmer in my eye, he sighs and says, “are you triggered?”

Cue my evil laugh and rearranging of our home until the end of time.

Like fashion, design trends are constantly evolving, so it’s natural to feel the need to refresh our spaces from time to time. Right? 

Right. But if you’ve been diagnosed as a decorating addict, it’s time to engage your untapped resourcefulness so you don't hyperventilate at Home Goods and pass out clutching matching pillows while people step over you. Or so I've heard from a friend.

Say it with me:  there’s no need to completely overhaul your space. My mission statement?

Work the room you already have.

What I find even more empowering than the art of a good find [or two] is one that’s hinged on ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Before you impulsively jump the gun on a splurge, see how you can use what you have.

If you view your home from that lens, the interior inspiration is limitless.

I hope to lend you some of mine so that you’re compelled to get to work.

Ready? Let’s work the room together.

more about me: pearls of random

I’m a twin—fraternal so we’re clear.

My parents employed the two-and-done method after the havoc we wreaked on them growing up. They had to duct tape our diapers on backwards to prevent diaper wars during nap time, if that’s any indication. Brian is a Navy fighter jet pilot who I love dearly. Almost enough to justify the prom king and queen slow dance we were forced into when our junior class just couldn’t resist the temptation in us ‘twinning.’ We are NOT identical [boy/girl twins can’t be], but I’m asked a lot.

The decorating addiction runs deep

I inherited the love-for-all-things-interior gene from my mom. Since I was little [and still to this day], I admired her affinity for taking another person’s trash and turning it into a stunning treasure. I hijack her thrifty finds—mostly with her permission—every time I’m home. Her resourcefulness and ingenuity remains a constant source of inspiration for me. Though I was the ‘artsy’ twin [Brian is a Naval Academy grad so we know which one he was], I’ve never found more catharsis, confidence and sheer joy than I do creating and executing a design vision.

The [unlucky] man, the myth, the legend

My dad is a malignant melanoma cancer survivor, retired Navy pilot and published author. He’s written books about his multiple brushes with death and the optimism he still resiliently comes out of it all with. I’m lucky to have inherited his love and talent for writing [and his quirkiness]. My family was actually on the Animal Planet when Brian and I were pre-adolescents—clearly when you want your embarrassing qualities singed into a TV show [my voice was deeper than his].

The one who just couldn’t manage to get away

My husband Chris is not only the one who blessed me with the last name Ricci [basically dubbing me a celebrity], but the fuel behind this blog. He repeatedly encouraged me to start a blog about interior decorating until one day I finally caved. His persistence is equivalent to the level I had in pursuing him until he finally caved and dated me. We both drove Plymouth Voyager vans at a point in our lives, so I decided fate had spoken. The night he told me he loved me, he was wearing a Kraft cheese costume I handmade [plastic wrapper and all] and I was dressed as Franzia wine.

the strong female lead of our household

Let’s not act like I would leave out our four-pound fur baby, Mya [a.k.a ‘Mai Tai’]. Yorkies were an instrumental part of my childhood, so when I finally felt capable enough of keeping another human [because they are, thank you] alive, we decided to take the plunge on one of our own. Much to Chris’ dismay, of course, who wanted a masculine German Shepherd. Fast forward a maximum of two days and his muscly arm has rarely not included her underneath it since.

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