Whether you stumbled in inadvertently or on purpose, I’m glad you’re through the door.

Come on in to my all-things-interior blog, fueled by equal parts passion for decorating and equal parts industrial strength coffee.

Pull up a thrifted chair and join me in some creative catharsis. It won’t hurt at all.

If you’re an interior enthusiast like me, you probably have a vivid memory of when the design fixation began. Flashbacks?

I’ve expressed my individuality through decorating since I was able to wield scissors. While girls my age were infatuated with Barbie, I was immersed in design magazines.

Assembling clippings of comforters and paint chips onto mood boards, I’d present thoughtfully deliberated decorative concepts to my parents, informing them of my room’s upcoming transformation. I’d be denied countless times to come.

Decades later, I still find myself entrenched in analyzing not what a room is but what it could be—an eye not on what’s trending elsewhere but what makes me feel most alive in my own room.

Always a sucker for a double entendre, Work the Room is just that. It’s a philosophy predicated on bringing a design concept to fruition—not lavishly or hastily, but resourcefully—while never losing sight of the room’s underlying beauty and potential. The result is a space only you can do justice.

It’s a vote of confidence that you can work the room you already have like nobody else.

Stick around. Here, I’ll deconstruct dying and emerging trends, put together virtual designs and share projects I’m currently driving my husband Chris up our hole-ridden walls with.

Let’s indulge in some self-deprecation and laughs along the way—because decorating isn’t about life or death. Or is it? Ask my husband.